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How to live a fulfilling life as a software developer

You need a manager, not a boss

In a conversation about how a lot of part-time workers vs a few full-time workers can affect a team, my tech friend recently asked me: “Are managers a relic of the past or are they absolutely essential?” Both, I answered.

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Coder’s biggest and most hidden enemy. Creeping up on you right now

It’s to a programmer like a pandemic to a society. It creeps up on you. Slowly. There are some tiny signs of it at first but… who would bother? Then it becomes more and more obvious but to an untrained eye, it still seems ignorable. I mean, it’s not like it’s that bad, right? Life’s a bit harder: it gets harder to focus, things are getting a little bit out of control, few bugs here and there creep into the application. But for sure, that can’t yet justify the effort that would have to be applied to resolving it, can it?

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